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HUD/FHA Appraisals    

          1st America RES Certified Appraiser Steve Maxwell is an approved HUD/FHA appraiser.  HUD's new 4000.1 inspection protocols  several changes and updates to the  appraiser's reporting protocol.   Qualifying for a FHA loan is easier than ever and while the inspection process continues to be more stringent than conventional type appraisal inspections, these protocol changes have made qualifying for a HUD/FHA insured loan very competitive to conventional type loans.  Current FHA Questions and Answers are available on the web site at (Adobe PDF Required).         

         There are a few things that property owners need to remember before an FHA appraisal inspection.  The appraiser must have access to both the crawl space and the attic, if present.  Utilities must be turned on and the furnace and air conditioning units will be switched on when applicable.  Bedroom windows need to be operable and if you have one of these USTs:

                     Before                                                       After


                           FHA will most likely require it to be removed.  

     Appraising properties in rural areas can be a challenge, even more so for an FHA appraisal.   An FHA appraisal inspection does not take the place of a highly recommended professional home inspection.


FHA 4000.1 Standards Are Here


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