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       Appraisal Technology

      1st America RES is a technology driven company. I've been utilizing digital photography, GIS Mapping, legal size scanning and electronic appraisal delivery since 1995. I have the ability to provide professional high quality appraisal reports quickly and publish them with Adobe Pdf or converting the files to a Lighthouse format.  I've added computerized flood maps and location maps to our appraisals.  There's no more need for stacks of FEMA flood maps or second party mapping software.  It's really pretty cool, takes only a couple minutes and is very accurate.  Except for a hard copy kept in the appraiser work files, almost all appraisals are made and quickly sent electronically with the assistance of local broadband ISP computer service.

    Several different methods are available for the appraiser to reconcile the Sales Comparison Approach.  Instead of aiming or guessing, I prefer to use Realtors Property Resource (RPR) or an Excel fileYou must have an Excel program to view this file. (Press Cancel if you get a popup notice)   Download a free Excel Viewer Here if you don't..  I use this file to calculate a weighted value based on the Comps' Sales Prices, their Net%, and their Net Adjusted Sales Prices.  Then, depending on the appraisal, number available Comps, etc. I may or may not give the weighted value major consideration during reconciliation. 

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