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 Goldie...1978 Gold Metallic # 546 R100RS ..Euro Spec



       Goldie was my 1978 R00RS BMW motorcycle.  We rode to the BMWMOA international rally in Charleston, West Virginia. Here we are at the NO PARKING area at their convention center.  Shortly after this photo was taken I was politely asked to MOVE NOW by the staff.  Goldie came to me from the original owner who lived in Indianapolis, Indiana.  She had sat for several years and needed a little maintenance, but was the original gold metallic color that a few of those '78 RS bike came in. Goldie was a Euro spec bike with a VIN of 6091113 and all original except for some farkles.   

      On Sunday August 12, 2007, I parted with Goldie and she now has a new owner.


       I met Eduardo and his friend in Champaign, Il. on a hot August day.  One last ride and Goldie had a new owner.  I was a little sad to see this nice survivor go.


 Ms G...2004 R1150GS ?

      Ms G is a new to me 2004 R1150 GS BMW that came to me via Evansville, In.  I bought her right before I sold Goldie.  I was a little concerned buying the bike from an individual until I met the seller who is a real BMW enthusiast.  One ride was all it took.  The previous owner even rode it to my house.  How cool was that?


    Root Beer Saloon           Remote Grave Yard      Olmsted Lock & Dam     Grand Chain Lodge 

      Ms G and I have now ridden more miles during our short time together than I had ridden Goldie during the years I had owned her.  I had thought for many years that the GS was a little large and would be uncomfortable.  What a bike.  And the best part is that I'm not all that concerned if she falls.  We'll just get up and ride on.


     Bald Knob Cross           Metropolis's Hero          Wickliffe Cross            Popeye at Chester

     Miss G and I rode the 8 Hr. "Not The Superman Rally" in Oct. '07.  The Rally was hosted by Grassroots BMW and Iron Butt Rally Rider Jim Pluckett.  From Superman to Popeye, I rode for about 8 hours and had a blast.  Did I get lost?   Yes - Did I care?  Not a Bit.  We visited Popeye in Chester, Superman in Metropolis and a lot of new sites in between in Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky.  I got extra bonus point for visiting a couple of crosses and a remote cemetery.  I've signed up for the 12 hour ride this summer.  



       January 1, 2008....Yes I had to have my New Year's Ride.  These shots are of Ms G at church.  This was sort of my Blessing of the Bike for the year. 



           Iron Butt and Adventure Rider Ron Ayers came to Grassroots Open House in March 2008.  He's quite the well traveled author and adventurer.  He and my brother had formerly worked for EDS.  So, when I had a chance to talk with him one-on-one, I asked him if he had ever met my brother.  Turns out they worked in different parts of the WORLD......  Dave Bork got a anniversary award and Grassroots gave away a cool old R65.   No I Didn't win Thank You Very Much.

Not Superman Rallies


   St. Louis Arch                Moonshine, Il              Moonshine Burger           Grassroots BMW


   Bingham Post Office       Kampsville Ferry          Jim Puckett's 1150RT    Corey Nuehring's VFR

    NSR 2008 began for me at 3:00 am for a ride to Cape, a planning/strategy session, off at 6:00 am and ride for the next 12 hours in a scavenger hunt style bike rally.  The timed finish was back to the Cape Drury Inn at 6:00 pm.   My ride took me from Cape to Moonshine, Il (Pop. 2) via a blast to and through St. Louis behind a K1200RS.  I got bonus points for Moonshine for eating one of their famous burgers.  I had stopped one hour away and called Moonshine to place my order. I rode around back West, crossed the river on a ferry and landed at the base of the arch for a photo I've named "Aim High".  It's on Grassroots website as a photo of the month winner.....Pretty Cool.  The Red Honda and its rider took home the winner's trophy.  He rode a Honda 800 cc VFR with aux gas tank...Pretty impressive riding.  Just doesn't look very comfy and I know NOT my choice of long distance rides.


      Former Iron Butt Winner Rick Morrison rode the 12 hour ride and joined Herb and Reno Anderson's table for dinner and awards presentations.  I headed home after the awards presentation and arrived home around 10:00 pm.  I had an outstanding experience as a relative newbie to long distance rallying.  I found above 80 Mph my bike only gets 38 Mpg.  I found the Metzeler Tourances are TERRIFIC tires in the rain.  i.e.. oil & chip country road at 75 in the pouring rain road just like asphalt. I found it's real hard for a 1150 GS to keep up with a new K1200RS with rider and passenger.  I found out that my Garmin is a whole lot smarter than I am, except in St. Louis by the Arch.  And I found that I can ride in the pouring rain in the middle of the night on an interstate with my visor up creeping along at 35 Mph with the four way flashers on and pass cars in the passing lane......I thought my overall average speed of 63 was great and my total mileage exceeded 750 miles during my 12 hour ride.  I came in 6th in my 12 hr division which tells me that some of these more experienced riders can RIDE. 


      Ms G and I rode to Columbus, Ohio in September, 2008.  My brother Mike's middle son Matt was being re-deployed to the mid east.  He's a Sgt in the Special Forces based out of Columbus.  It was a pretty emotional experience.  All of those deployed were special forces.  Matt is a weapons specialist who knows how to shoot some serious guns.  Over and back almost 850 miles in 16 hours.  Thanks again Mr. Garmin.   Fortunately, I stayed the night.  Unfortunately, my back acted up and I found I really couldn't take my pain meds and ride...So I rode with the wind and the pain.  The wind really buffeted my helmet and traffic was pretty congested.   

Vietnam Veteran's Traveling Wall Ride                  


     In September 2008, the local VFW brought the traveling Vietnam war memorial to southern Illinois.  Local bikers escorted the truck/trailer to Marion where is was displayed for a few days.  The ride began in Mt. Vernon and traveled along Rt.148 through southern Illinois ending up in Marion and the Illinois Centre Mall for display.  The trip was 40 miles and the ride took over 2 hours as towns people from every town (except Marion) crowded the route and waved flags, honked horns, etc.  I've never ridden in a parade but this was as close as you can get.  Brake, accelerate, clutch, brake, clutch, accelerate......etc. for two hours.  Mainly at 5-10 Mph.  Two abreast in a parade type formation.  It became quickly obvious that some of the riders, like the guy in front of me did not have a lot of experience riding in formation.  Every time he hit the brake and on every turn he would give hand signals like he was on a bicycle.  Man was that distracting.  While it was a pleasure to help escort the Wall, this was one of the tougher rides I've been on because it was so slow, required constantly changes gears up and down and trying to keep alert for what the heck "Hand Signals" in from of me.  The 1150 GS continues to amaze me with its "all around" characteristics.  As you can see from the photos it rained on the parade.  I'm an ATGATT rider (All The Gear All The Time) and bad weather really is a minor inconvenience.  I was amazed at how many riders wore their leathers.  Wet leathers tend to stain clothes and skin if worn for any length of time.  I'd say some of the riders probably had some interesting new markings when they got home.

Moonshine Lunch Run 2010

     2010 brought my second ride to Moonshine, Il.  I rode to the annual Moonshine Lunch run and was fortunate to meet RTE organizer Terry Hammond.  Little did I know that a few months later Terry would pass away while working on his farm. 


    Terry Hammond             Moonshine 2010          Yup I Ate 2 Burgers        Yup I Ate 2 Much



      I've heard that there will be a 2011 Moonshine Lunch Run.  If you've never been to Moonshine, population 2, you really owe it to yourself.  Riders came from all over the country to enjoy a burger.  Bikes were lined up to the N, S, and W and came and went all day long.  Even a KMW (Kawasaki KLR) rider dropped by.

2010 Blitz to Branson

  I rode to my first Blitz to Branson hosted by the IBMWR folks the Summer of 2010.  I had a great time, met new friends, and despite the rain, enjoyed the ride.  Here are a few pics:


From Moonshine to B2B    Fresh Kringle Anyone?    BMW/Harley Mod       Rain..A Minor Concern



Kurt B & His CA Spyder            Breakfast               Ms G Drying Off :-)             Ron & Nancy

     The Ride to Branson was prior to adding the fuel cell, winglets, and HIDs to Ms G.  I had the full Neptune exhaust on Ms G at that time.  After the 2010 NSR, I took the exhaust off and returned to the stock system.  The Neptune systems was just too loud.


2010 Not Superman Rally


     In June 2010, I entered my 4th Not Superman Rally.  I was the only rider to have participated in all 4 of the NSR rallies.  I was "Lucky" to get flag # 13.  Thanks Rally Bastard Jim Puckett............Hell no I'm not superstitious.  Here are some photos from the rally:


At Home Prior 2 rally     At the Cemetery         On a Ferry                  Fisherman's Statue      



Lock & Dam # 9          With Wisconsin Duck    Giant Paddlewheel      Snake Alley



 Spiritualist's Camp      The Springfield Mile    Women's Temperance   Safe Return to Cape

     The 2010 NSR was my first long ride with the newly installed 5 gallon fuel cell setup.  I maintained a 70-75 mph cruise for the first part of the ride from Cape Girardeau to Chicago, via Springfield, to see what kind of mpg and range I could expect at a leisurely rally pace.  It turns out I could have made it to Chicago without stopping.  Weather was terrible in Chicago that Saturday and I wisely stopped outside of Chicago to refuel.  Maintaining a leisurely rally pace will get me at least 400 miles an low 40s mpg....Good to know! The Garmin routed me thru a 25 miles of toll roads that I WAS NOT prepared for.  It was pouring rain and the first toll demanded exact change; which I didn't have!  Ken Meese's coin dispenser made a whole lot of sense at this time.  Another lesson learned!  Because of the route I took and the delays in Chicago, My route planning was shot.  I had chosen the counter-clockwise route and it really hurt my finishing score.  Anyway I finished, traveled over 1430 miles in 30 hours including the mandatory rest time and had a great time.  I got back 2 hours early.  Those 2 hours of wasted time would had earned me a Bun Burner Butt cert. if I'd gone another 70 miles or so....Another lesson learned.

      Here's Spotwalla link to my ride:  http://spotwalla.com/tripViewer.php?id=5681

     When I have the time, I join the Grassroots owner and others for a Wednesday night RTE.  The rides begin in late March and end in September.  The RTEs can be basic for those riders who want to get there and there are rides that are more spirited.  Herb Anderson owns Grassroots and now rides one of the 1000RR bikes.  Needless to say, Ms G and I occasionally see his tail light.      


     I've entered the Big Sky Rally in Big Sky, Montana the summer of 2011.  The event is called The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.  There will be three levels of riding aptly named: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.  I'll probably have to enter the Butt Ugly part..;-)

     UPDATE.  Sadly Ms G has a new home.  I've traded Ms G for a New-To-Me 2008 R1200Rt.  Here are a few pics of "Sandy" at the dealership:



     "Sandy" has several upgrades that include ESA, Cruise, heated grips and seats, BC, Hyperlites, panniers protectors, and engine cases covers and bars.   I didn't get the GT as I thought I would. 


Construction of my 4 Gallon Fuel Cell



Ride to Live-Live To Ride


 Aim High or Go Home  


Tears of Sadness...Tears of Joy

May 11, 2013

Bye Bye Bye Sandy...Tears of Sadness

Two years ago I traded my 04 GS for an 08 R1200RT.  "Sandy" and I rode many miles, Rode the "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" rally in Big Sky, Montana.  The bike was setup for IBA rides and we rode in the Jack Shoalmire Iron BUTT cert ride.   


Hello Damask ....Tears of Joy

May 11, 2013


Now Ready to Rally - New Year's Day 2014

"Ruby" at Work & Play in Montana


Rider # 13 - ITU 2013

Ruby did great.  It's "dyslexic" owner/rider failed to transpose mileage correctly

An Iron Butt Lesson Learned


                      Supporting My Local BMW Dealer:    http://www.grassrootsbmw.com




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